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About me

I was first interested in philosophy,
both occidental and oriental. I wanted to know what I and the world were, why I was here. I became especially interested in Yoga and Buddhism.
I remember one of the sentences that hit me the most at the time:

"Most people know more about anything else than about themselves"

However, given my deep interest in the human mind and behaviour, I also read about psychology. Considering the fact that I could help other people with it, I ended up studying and then practising psychology.

Time after, I joined Brunel University (London) and took the MSc in Sport Psychology. I wanted to know as much as I could about motivating or getting the best out of people in a scientific way. To me, sport psychology could be renamed ‘psychology of efficiency’. I don’t distinguish between an elite athlete and an average person when it comes to train the mind to give its best.

"I did not choose to become a coach, but the profession chose me"

My personality fits more into coaching than psychology, since coaching is more creative and less methodic. I have always seen myself as an inspirer and a motivator. All my adult life I have, personally or professionally, motivated and helped people to bring about their best. It's something that comes naturally, that I love doing.

I come from Spain, therefore, my experiences living abroad (UK, Germany, Switzerland and now the US) helped me detach from the different cultural and social references. I have been continuously challenged to see beyond prejudices, and to find the uniqueness that lies within everyone of us. I am now having the opportunity to experience what is life like for Harvard students, while my wife is pursuing a mid-career master at Harvard Kennedy School.  

What distinguishes me from other people is that I have always believed in myself: I will help you believe in yourself too! Working together we will see the best in you. I will encourage you to pursue your dreams and to follow through no matter how hard it gets until you arrive where you set out. I will tell you "yes, you can! Go for it!" I believe by pursuing your dreams you'll bring meaning to your life and, ultimately, to yourself! As someone once said: "Our dreams define us."

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