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My vision

To me 'Coaching' means growth, development, achievement, fulfilment, but mainly: controlled change.

The point is: do we change in the direction that we want?

I believe ‘coaching’ is about taking control of your life. It is definitely a process that leads to a desired change. This change could be in many different forms, depending on the person and his/her circumstances. But, in any case, it is the person who has to take the first step into the new direction. This is why I speak about ´taking control of one´s life´. Coaching also implies growing and moving forward. In my opinion it is not about who the person is who requires the service (e.g. a business woman, an elite athlete, a housewife), but what this person wants to achieve (e.g. feel comfortable speaking in public, learn how to cope with high pressure situations, bring deep meaning to her life). I only distinguish between 'life and sport coaching' in the website in order to make it easier to understand what I do, what kind of services I offer.

For example, the anxiety that a business woman feels before giving a crucial presentation in front of her superiors, does not differ as much as we may think from the anxiety that an elite athlete feels before a competition. In the end, in spite of the apparent differences, each of them feels anxious according to their own circumstances, and what is at stake. In the same way, each could learn how to cope with high pressure situations, and how to turn anxiety into a positive experience that facilitates performance, no matter what the context is. The cognitive strategies or relaxation techniques that work for the elite athlete, also work for the business woman, in spite of their individual differences. What counts is that in both cases it is possible to learn how to control the anxiety response.

In general, I am a
personal coach. I make people achieve their goals or dreams, I help them to get where they want to be, no matter where they come from. Sometimes I motivate them, sometimes I inspire them, sometimes I transmit to them the energy they lack, sometimes I simply sit and listen... and I always make them look at their lives from a new and positive perspective.

From time to time, I meet someone who tells me that people do not change. It may sound amazing for some, but I have heard this many, many times. There are also people who fear change, and that’s why they "don’t want to change". In the end, whether they are aware of it or not, whether they lead their own development or not, we all constantly change. Now: Do we change into the direction that we want?

In the same way, I have heard many people telling me that they are "too old to learn something new", whether it is a new language, ability, sport, etc. Obviously, it is always easier to say that "one cannot change", or that "one is too old as to learn something new and challenging" than to take the responsibility over one’s life, or to make the effort it takes to do or to learn something new. In any case, as long as one is happy with his life, it’s all fine. The problem is when one would like to be or to do something different, but he doesn’t do it because "it’s too late" or "I have always been this way". As a personal coach, I help people to realise of their own behavioural or cognitive patterns so that they can act upon them, and change them. Wherever there is a pattern, there is also a specific result. By always doing the same, the results are equal.

But if we break the pattern, the result will be different. I help people to identify what it is that they should change in order to achieve the desired result. I believe in the power of 'will'. I think there is nothing impossible for a strong and focused 'will'. If the circumstances are not favourable, you have to make them become favourable for you. It's about being a part of the problem or the solution.

You have to make the circumstances work for you, not the way around. The moment you are aware that most of the time you are in control of your life, everything changes. When you realise that it is you who makes daily choices and that every single little choice has an impact in your life, everything changes. I can help you make the right choices, at the right time.

As far as I know, this is 'the only life we have'. You might believe in past and future lives, you might believe in heaven and hell... Beyond your believes, which I respect, there is something clear: you definitely have this present life. Why not living it the way you want? Right now you can make a different decision and start creating the life you wish.

I help people to clarify what they want, and to start moving towards their goal. I definitely don't want to be one of those people who regret not having lived the life they wanted to: What about you?

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