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What is Sport Coaching?

It is, as the name indicates, coaching applied to sport. Sport coaching addresses all the situations given in the life of athletes (or sport participants) and sport contexts that have a psychological impact on the individuals or require a specific psychological or behavioural response from them. It is coaching applied to people and their behaviour in sport and exercise contexts, at times in order to enhance their performance, but also, for example, their sport satisfaction or adherence to it. It ranges from coping with competition pressure and demands, coping with negative emotions or pain, to having the right motivation to start or continue an exercise programme, athletes transitions (e.g. withdrawal from sport/competition), etc.  

Generally, it is distinguished between sport coaching for 'elite performance' and for 'exercise', as the needs of an elite athlete are totally different from a recreational one. The former may be struggling with high pressure situations, whereas the latter may find it hard to simply adhere to the sport programme (or he simply may want to do sport but does not find the motivation for it).   

Therefore, not only I work on ways to achieve or maintain peak performance, but also with exercise related aspects (i.e. using exercise as a means to achieving well-being).

Who can benefit from it?

Sport coaching focuses on elite or semi-professional athletes, sport participants or anyone who wants to benefit from the mental techniques applied in order to achieve, for example: peak performance, sport satisfaction, sport participation or even personal development through sport.

How does it work?

A sport coaching session usually goes like a normal coaching session. However, it can also be conducted at the place where the client practices sport. It´s about you and me, and the interaction that we create together. We will clarify where you are at the present moment (in your sport) and where you want to arrive or what you want to achieve. From there, we will define what to do in order for you to accomplish your goal.

In sport coaching sessions, you will learn
when and how to use the following sport specific techniques:

- Goal setting  

- Mental rehearsal

- Arousal control

- Self-talk

Are these techniques of any extra value?

You will also learn to extrapolate these mental techniques to your daily life, to the other relevant areas of your life. With my support and your effort, you will develop the mental skills required to enhance the 'mental part of the game' and, in addition, to be more efficient outside of sport contexts (e.g. if you learn how to cope with high pressure sport related situations (e.g. competition) you will then be able to extrapolate that skill to other areas of your life if you had to (e.g. work).

Videos about the importance of the mind in sport and also in your life:

Sport coaching is there to cope with sport specific demands. The following are
links to videos where different elite athletes of diverse sports state the importance of the mind, not only to be successful in sport, but also to achieve what you want in life:

1- Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Mind is more important"

2- Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Secret to Success"

3- Bodybuilder: "Mental more important

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