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These are testimonials from some of my clients (those who are happy to appear here publicly):

"Antonio is a great coach for sports but also for teaching you how to project your self-confidence in all areas of life.
Antonio's techniques definitely bring out the best in you and help you find your personal way to success.

Training with Antonio is pure pleasure: whether you do one session or longer term training your performance, your confidence and your results will improve.

By the way, he also knows a lot about nutrition and will help you be healthy and look your best ever, regardless your age ;-)!

Antonio is a great professional and I totally recommend a session with him. Check it out!"

Sigrid, Senior Legal Adviser, UNAIDS (Geneva)

"When I first met Antonio, I was going through a very difficult period of my life. Antonio helped me to understand many things about myself in which I had to work on, and in which l hadn't thought of or I simply hadn't understood by myself.

Antonio uses techniques that are simply amazing, easy to apply in the day by day, and which help you grow and simply be happier! Besides, he is always available! Many, many thanks!"

Ximena, lawyer (Geneva)  

"As a coach Antonio offers a unique coaching approach combining coaching and counselling techniques with his vast knowledge in psychology, philosophy and mindfulness practise. His deep listening skills and ability to build trust created a safe space in which I was able to take an honest look at myself and identify areas in which I had created limiting beliefs and behaviours that no longer served me in being who I want to be.

Antonio’s ability to surface personal challenges with lightness and humour allowed me over and over again to gain a new perspective on how I choose to look at my life. From there creating what I want and building relationships with everyone around me hasn't just become easier it also is more fun.

As a result of our conversations I feel more centered in myself, able to move beyond setbacks with grace and a smile and more confident as a writer and entrepreneur"

Sonja, writer/entrepreneur (Berlin)

"I believe Antonio is a great coach because he gets involved in your goals. He is passionate about his profession and sport. He is able to empathize with me and my experiences, my faults, my fears, my ambitions, my opportunities, my success... in a way that he guides me while he accompanies me"

Alvaro Fontes, racing car driver (Spain)

"We all have dreams, unfortunately, the great majority of us have within ourselves what I call the "dreams-killer", which is all those things that do not let you pursue that you would really like to do in life, that is: doubts , fear, insecurity, 'what would people think of me', etc..

Antonio Galvan, to whom I am eternally thankful, is a "dreams-killer" exterminator; he is a person who turned my weaknesses into strengths, my fears into challenges, my doubts into belief. He inspired me to do what I had always wanted to do and, ever since then, I feel more alive than ever."

Luis, tennis instructor (London)

"I can say that talking with Antonio is definitely working, Very professional, patient and helps you to bring out the determination in oneself. To be honest I've had four sessions with him and I can feel the difference in myself. Thank you so much Antonio"

Krishna, cinema director (India)

"Mr. Galvan coaching helped me as a professional Taekwondo fighter to have a great experience in championships. I fought fear, and got an exceptional self-esteem in any competition"

Ali, Researcher (Geneva)

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